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Free Featured Masterclasses

How to Become a Successful Coach 

If you desire to be a successful coach... this 3 day FREE masterclass is an excellent place to start! 

Manifest Massively

I manifested over $95 000 on my birthday!!!
I am sharing ALL the secrets of manifestation in this FREE masterclass. 

How Clients Come out of the BLUE 

There are more people watching you and wanting to work with you than you can imagine... I show you how to call them in here. 

What to Sell?!

It's not just about having "something" to sell.

It's about having something that you KNOW with every fiber of your being that people will go craaaazy buying. 

Get Paid No Matter What

You get to get paid whether you are selling or not, whether you are on a vacation, at home, in the shower or behind your laptop...

Evergreen Workshops

Close the Gap

Between what you have and what you want.

There is a space between what you have now.. and what you want next. In this workshop, I'll show you HOW to CLOSE the gap as fast as possible. 

Booked Out

Every time I desire clients, they come. It gets to be this easy... when you crack the code of BEING the person who gets booked out on repeat. 

The Truth About Money

There are soo many lies & limitations about money. BUT if we desire to have, spend, save, keep, overflow with money… it requires us to live in alignment with the TRUTH ABOUT MONEY. 3 day money intensive. 

Flow to Freedom

 I only work 4 hrs/day and I built my multiple 6 figure business that way. I'll change your perspective on overworking + we'll create THE most aligned schedule. 

The Pleasure of Receiving

If you want to *have* more clients + money, you have to become an excellent receiver. We master being in the receiving mode anytime.

How to Call in Your 1:1 Soulmate Clients

Everything you need to know + embody to attract your soulmate clients. I called in 6 private clients within 6 weeks of re-opening my 1:1 coaching. 

My Year, My Way

Step into your power, trust yourself and do it all EXACTLY how YOU desire. This is the only way to become unlimited and unstoppable 💋

People Want YOU

People want to pay YOU. Not the person you are trying to be... the person you already are EFFORTLESSLY. On a good day. AND on a bad day. I teach you how. 


In order for us to create OVERFLOW of money... we need to let money flow freely. You'll learn to tap into the aligned and unlimited flow of money. 

Quantum Leap

Learn how to hold the unshakable mindset and energy for your quantum leap. This is the energy of MASSIVE income growth. 


3 Day Money Making Series

DAY 1 is about creating a solid foundation. DAY 2 + 3 are the mastery behind $10K and $20K+ cash months.

How to Manifest Epic Sh*t & Money Like A Boss

This is the piece that made the biggest shift from manifesting "small things" to manifesting💰💰💰

The Interim

Finish the year like a BOSS + kick start 2022 to be your BEST year yet!

If you are ready to run the year like a boss, make money during the holiday seasons without compromising family time and set yourself up for BEST YEAR yet.

Raise Your Prices Confidently

You can raise your prices whenever you want. It's not dependent on whether you are booked out or even if you have had no clients so far. 

Break down the most common blocks to raising your prices and having people pay your prices happily.


Raise Your Energetic Minimum

Your business success is not a sprint.
It’s a M A R A T H O N
If we want our business to pass the test of time. We can’t be *only* thinking about fast results.
We need to be thinking about the long-term results. The foundation for repeated results. The easily replicable system.
A way to create a “self-sustaining money machine.”

Money Bundle 

Truth About Money +
Ca$h Flow +
Close The Gap 

Soulmate Clients Bundle 

Booked Out +
The Pleasure of Receiving + 
1:1 Soulmate Clients +
People Want YOU 

Personal Power 

Flow To Freedom + 
Quantum Leap + 
My Year, My Way 

All the paid workshops for the rest of 2022... 

If you are like me and you LOVE jumping all in, this is one of THE best options. 

You get all the NEW LIVE workshops until the rest of the year + all the upgrades that come with any of my workshops. These often come with LIVE Q&A or VIP calls. 

1. You get one past workshop of your choice as a bonus. 

2. 50% discount coupon for one of my big programs!

Boss Babe Bundle

6 months of workshops with me

$399.00 USD


The Intuitive Coach 

I built my coaching business entirely on intuitively lead decisions, joy, desire, and fun.

I scaled to multiple 6 figures this way. 

In this program, we set up all the basics you need to have a successful coaching business.   

From all the "hows" to the basics of a successful entrepreneur mindset. 

The Intuitive Leader (preregistration) 

If you want clients to follow you, to buy from you, to desire to be lead by you... 

...you have to become a leader first.

Leadership isn't always all rainbows and butterflies... 

So this is a program on mastering emotional intelligence, empowered communication, expanding your power... and being able to hold it ALL.  



Manifestation & Money Queen Academy


We are not talking just about manifesting your next beach vacation... 

...this is a program to master the codes and art of manifestation.

So you can call in ANYTHING and everything you desire. 

AND we master living in the frequency of wealth where having money becomes just a natural byproduct.


When I had my first $29K cash month... all I did was telling a story.

Learn how to share your story so people sell themselves.

Pinterest Perfect

I grew my client's Pinterest account to 58 MILLION monthly viewers in less than a year.

Learn how to master Pinterest so it works in your sleep for you. 


Work with Kate Privately OR in a mastermind. 

If you desire high level support, you are already making money in your business and you feel you'd be the righ fit, fill out this form and we'll get in touch with you 💋